Gift Giver Wants To Please Gift Recipient – You don’t want the gift recipient to feel like the gift you give them is convenient. Rather, you want to focus on making them pleased with the gift and you. Scientific evidence shows that people feel more joyfulness from gift experiences than they do when they receive a material present. Thus, when you’re looking for experience gifts as your present you should keep in mind the person’s happiness with it.

Gift Giver Makes Surprising Sacrifice – It sounds like the gift giver spends a lot of money buying the perfect gift but this doesn’t mean that. Rather, the gift giver is spending time and energy on trying to find a gift the recipient will love and enjoy. For instance, you’re searching for some Father’s Day gifts for the loving dad in your family. You know he likes golfing and you want to help him improve his game. If you want unique golf gifts, then consider getting him a golf experience with a PGA pro. This is certainly better than buying new golf clubs every so many years.

Gift Is An Opulence – Any present you purchase should be special but material gifts lack opulence and lavishness. A new shirt or pair of pants is not special but rather boring and practical. Perfect gifts should not be something that meets basic needs but rather something a person would never have bought themselves. Experience gifts fall under this category. What kinds of gifts can you get someone? How about a NASCAR driving experience for that NASCAR fan or a couples massages?

The Gift is Unique and Appropriate For The Intended Recipient – How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”? While, yes, thought is necessary and important, it’s only that when it’s done just right. Say you’re out shopping with a friend who says, “I’d love to be able buy this or have it” for something he/she picked up. Two months later, your friend is having her/his birthday. A great friend would go back to that store and buy it for him/her. Since the friend didn’t say for her/his birthday, the gift is seen as thoughtful and unique for them. A person who is less thoughtful would buy a gift card with the assumption that their friend would pick it up for themselves. This is why experience gifts are such a great idea. For example, you have a husband who loves to rock climb; you can buy for him a rock climbing experience gift; something he’ll enjoy and is unique for him.

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