TorGuard is Highly Secure

Security is one of the main lifelines of a VPN service provider and TorGuard does an incredible job of balancing user needs and security. While some may not think there is a difference – there is. Users generally have varying needs when it comes to a VPN, depending on what they are doing online.

For example, when browsing the web, they generally need anonymity and security with little requirement for breakneck speeds. That means you can turn the encryption knob up to maximum and hardly know there’s a difference. When you want to download something, you can tune it down a little bit to push your line a little faster.

In any case, aside from the encryption rates, TorGuard also offers a host of other security elements including DNS leak protection, WebRTC leak protection and a Kill Switch.

WebRTC Leak

WebRTC leak is something that affects many VPNs – something which thankfully TorGuard has taken steps to avoid. It is a vulnerability in many web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome and TorGuard has already issued a patch to its clients that fixes it. It even has a page where you can test if there is a WebRTC leak on your system at any time.

IPv6 Leak

IPv6 Leaks can be taken advantage of by attackers if users are using IPv4 VPNs. While TorGuard has originally protected against most IPv6 leaks, it has since upgraded its service to force all IPv6 traffic into the VPN.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch that TorGuard uses also works in two modes. On one had you can choose to have the client terminate all traffic if a connection to the VPN server is lost. On the other hand, you can opt to use it at the application level, meaning you can stop selected applications from transmitting and receiving data while others continue.

Your Identity is (quite) Safe

Based in Nevis, a little Island in the West Indies, TorGuard isn’t forced to comply with complicated data retention laws. If you’ve been following my VPN reviews, this is good because legally, there are not many ways in which the company can be forced to give up whatever information it has on its users.

Aside from that, there is also a no logging policy the company has which it has kept up with admirably to date.

Good Availability and Speeds

I’ve been using TorGuard on and off for a couple of months now and while I find their service speed to be a tiny bit slower than some others such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, it has been dependable overall.

With more than 3,000 servers located in 50 countries, it has well distributed network that should be accessible from anywhere you are on the globe. My test for the various servers below were conducted on a 500Mbps line with a physical location in Malaysia.

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