Whenever we are advised to go for a scan, the first thought that comes to your mind is a big scanning machine in the test center. With advancement in technology, today we have something known as handheld scanners or portable ultrasound scanners which are as small as your palm.

They connect wirelessly through an app on your smartphone. There is no gel required for this instrument and the doctors can move or carry it to wherever they want to use it. This device offers high quality and clarity in scanning various organs of the body like the chest and stomach, heart and lungs. These devices give a good quality near-field resolution. The quality is really good for deeper tissue observance. They come with 3D and 4D options.

There are doctors who are always on a mission, carrying out scans in remote parts of the world. These miniature devices are of great importance to them in pursuit of their mission. These devices go a long way in helping healthcare reach out to the masses, especially those who do not have access to full-fledged medical treatment.

These devices can be used for different types of ultra sounds like general, vascular, obstetric, biopsy, urology and so on. They cover a wide range of scans and are very beneficial for doctors to use this technology.

Instead of investing large sums of money on large equipment that occupy a lot of space, modern doctors go in for multiple smaller size equipment that are portable and save on a lot of space. This kind of equipment also quickens the diagnosis and treatment process. These devices are so small that it feels like you are just operating another cell phone. Handheld ultrasound scanners are the future of this world and are gradually becoming more popular by each passing day. After all, technology when developed for the better works wonders.