Imagine; You are watching TV and want to look up something on the internet during advertising. Do you then grab your smartphone? Or your laptop? Or your tablet? None of us say so! Because with a Smart TV at home you don’t need any extra devices at all. With this you have direct access to the internet. The first thing you need to check out is if you want to choose a tv ultra hd or the newest addition the 8K television.

And good news for all Netflix or Videoland addicts among us (who isn’t this nowadays); You can also easily install these apps on your Smart TV. So you can watch your favorite series or film non-stop on your large TV screen. Did we mention that a smart TV is addictive?

From The Couch To Your Bed (Or The Toilet)

Watching a movie on the couch is always a good idea. But sometimes it’s just a little nicer to watch a movie from your bed, right? Or when the weather is nice on your tablet on the balcony. Why not? With a Smart TV this is a piece of cake . With this you can set up a so-called home network. This means that all your devices, such as your smartphone, tablet and TV are connected to each other. Your television is then the central point from which you control everything. So are you just in the middle of a movie, but do you need to go to the toilet? Then grab your smartphone and simply look further on. Nothing crazy about! This way you switch from one device to another.

TV On!

Okay, this is basically a very cool feature instead of a necessary one. But you can control some Smart TVs with your voice. Yes, exactly as you may have seen in some science fiction films. How cool is that? You can easily control all other Smart TVs with your phone. All you have to do is download a free app. For when it all goes a little crazy to you; every Smart TV also simply has a remote control with which you can operate the television.

See When You Want, And How You Want

Of course you don’t want to be disturbed during your favorite TV program. And the men among us probably not at all during their favorite sport competition. You will just miss the most important moment! With a Smart TV you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can pause the TV program with one push of a button. You can quickly go to the toilet or get something to drink and then look further where you left off. Missed something by accident? No worries , you just rewind a little bit.