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WIAW #18 – Meatless Monday!!

Ello’ loves!! (Yup, when I typed that I said it out loud with a British accent. Don’t judge me.)

I ‘ope you’re all splendid t’day! (Still British. Only more like Hagrid this time.)

I’m just chugging along this week looking forward to the weekend!! Sometimes, I can’t decided whether it’s good to always look forward to the weekend … or if it’s bad to not try and enjoy the present moment. I do what I can to enjoy the 40 hours a week I spend at work…but ya know…I’d rather be doing yoga… or eating. 😀

Oh well! At least we all always have What I Ate Wednesday to get us over the hump, right?! RIGHT!! [Shout out to Miss Jen at Peas and Crayons! Word up, chikadeee!]

I thought about doing what I ate Sunday this week…and I even started taking pictures of all my food. Theeeeeen I forgot. Oopsies!! So, instead, today you shall be observing my Monday. More specifically, my MEATLESS Monday. I love that I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I go days without eating meat and I don’t even notice it until I gather all of the photographic evidence together. Heh. It’s certainly not a bad habbit, amiright?!

Mmkkay enough jibber jabber. On to the food!!

Breakfast: Behold my latest breakfast obsession!! It’s glorious, I tell you. I take two Wegmans brand organic blueberry waffles and toast em up. I smear a tablespoon of peanut butter onto waffle number one right out of the toaster so that it gets all melty when you spread it. Then, I smother it all with a cup of frozen berries that I microwave for 45 seconds to warm through and turn into a delicious berry sauce. I top it with waffle number two and devour. It’s perfect. I love everything about it. Except for when I finish it…because all I want to do is keep eating it!!


Snack: 1 oz of 2% pepperjack with 6 triscuits. It’s my go to morning snack lately.

cheeseandcrackersLunch: A huuuge delicious salad of spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrots, red onion, yellow bell pepper, avocado, and two sliced hard boiled eggs. I drizzled it with some balsamic vinegar and just a tiny bit of evoo. This is probably one of the simplest salads I make and every time I do I’m just like “BEST SALAD EVER WHY DON’T I MAKE THIS MORE.” Then I forget about it. Not this time, Jen. At least I hope!

saladBeverage: Johnny and I snagged some beverages on our lunch break on Monday. Sometimes we’ll just eat at our desks so we can get out of the office for an hour or so. I had one of the most bizarre hot chocolates of my life. I ordered a nonfat hot chocolate and the woman making it was like “would you like to try it with our sugar free syrup” and I was all “Yes, please.” Then I got it, and sipped it, and well…have you ever had like…a chocolate flavored hard candy? Where you’re like…this tastes kind of like chocolate…but it doesn’t really feel like I’m eating chocolate. Anyone? Bueller? Yeah – well that’s kind of what this tasted like. Definitely not something I would get again. But I enjoyed it while I had it. At least the foam on top was perrrfect!!

cocoaSnack: Gosh I’m dying for warm weather so I can eat cold snacks all the time!! I’m loving that it’s warm out now, but dreading that there is supposed to be snow again tonight. Come on, man! Sigh. Over the weekend, Johnny and I were discussing my recovery from baby this summer and I’ve officially decided that I’m really not worried about it. I always have a much easier time eating clean in the summer when I can grill everything and live off of fresh fruits and veggies and other delicious healthy things meant to be consumed cold! Liiiike icy cold greek yogurt mixed with a touch of peanut butter and honey to dip fresh, crisp apples in! (This apple – not the best. C’est la vie.)

applesandyogurtDinner: Melinda and I had a dinner date on Monday! We caught up on all of her weddding planning and all of my baby planning at Neato Burrito. It’s a Central PA Burrito place with a few locations. Personally – I like it waaaaaaaaaaay more than Chipotle. The hubby does not. Thus why I get it with Melinda. There loads of options for just about anyone. Melinda pretty much got a bowl of nachos with a little chicken and lots of veggies on top. I went with a burrito, which is rare for me, but I was in the mood for the wrap and not so much the rice. I had a jalapeno cheese wrap with their amazinggggg vegan Troegs three bean chili,  just the tinnnnnniest bit of brown rice (just so it didn’t get too soggy from the chili), a wee bit of cheese, cilantro pesto, smoked chipotle salsa, lettuce, tomato, onion, and guacamole. Oh yeah, and I had them throw in a handful of crushed tortilla chips!! That’s kind of their thing. And it’s brilliant. Man. Everything about this burrito was perfect. I pretty much housed the whole thing, minus the last little bit of tortilla at the bottom that gets all folded up and actually contains no filling at all. (The worst part of burritos!!)

Well, I certainly loved my veggies on Monday! I’ve actually been loving them all week, like a boss. Salads for lunch. Stir fry for dinner. Tonight I’m making some chipotle chicken sausage wraps with my southwest slaw salad.

Have you been loving your veggies this month?!

What’s your latest breakfast obsession??

Do you ever have meatless days without even realizing it??


Baby, It’s Cold Outside! WIAW #6

Now that I’m back on the blog scene I though it would only be appropriate to rejoin super fun What I Ate Wednesday link up – brought to you by Peas and Crayons! (Check out Jenn’s blog if you get the chance! I’m still meaning to make her sweet potato nachos! They look baaaannnggggiiinnnnn’!) Also, it’s freeeeezing outside. So I deemed it necessary to title my post as such. I’ve also been listening to the She & Him version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside – which I adore – on my “Christmas Tree Jams” playlist on Grooveshark. It’s a pretty fabulous playlist, and includes a festive combination of  the Muppets, Peanuts, Michael Bublé, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby,  annnnnd Justin Beiber. #noshame

Anywho – here’s my Wednesday of food!

Breakfast: Two Wegman’s brand organic flax waffles topped with two tablespoons of PB&CO Mighty Maple and a sliced banana. Also, “hot chocolate” made with warm nonfat milk and 2 teaspoons of Hershey’s special dark syrup. I’ve been drinking SO MUCH of this lately. It’s helping with my milk craving AND any desire I have for sweets. I was super full after this breakfast I didn’t snack at all until lunch time!


Lunch: Now I understand that visually, this is not the most appealing photo I’ve ever taken. Buuuuut….my lunch was effing delicious. I’m obsessed with Morning Star Farm’s Veggie Corn Dogs. Corn dogs were one of my more favorite carnival treats as a kid (that, and chicken fries, and waffles with ice cream) and these babies taste just as delicious as I remember for only 150 calories plus 8 grams of protein and only 2.5 grams of fat. With it I had some baby carrots and some leftover quinoa & cheese from last night. Holy goodness, I could (and plan to) eat that quinoa & cheese every day forever. QUICK NO RECIPE-RECIPE: Cook 1.5 cups quinoa in 1.5 cups chicken stock. When it’s just about done add 2. oz fat free cream cheese, 4 oz. shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, and a sprinkle of garlic powder. Stir it up until it’s melted then try not to devour the entire pot.


Snack: One lil’ Blackberry Blended chobani yogurt. These are so delicious…and adorable! I’m a sucker for anything mini!


Boy do I love this yogurt! I was also all smiles because it wasn’t -10 degrees in my office today. Hooray!

goofyVitamins: Next up are my prenatal vitamins!!! I have these guys every day after lunch. I have a history of getting sick after taking vitamins, so I’m so thrilled I’ve found ones that don’t make me ill. These are just OTC store Target brand prenatals, and they are delicious! They taste like a less sour version of sour patch kids and they are just delightful.


Snack: Today’s #elf4health challenge was to pack a healthy snack for you and a friend! I pack my hubby’s lunch on the daily, and our snacks are typically quite healthy. Today I packed some peanut butter chocolate chip larabars…which in my personal opinion are the best larabars everrrrrrrr!

snackDinner: Dinner was a little random tonight. I went for a hair cut right after work and my husband decided he didn’t want to wait for me to get home for dinner. C’est la vie!! I was going to make us some simple tilapia with a salad, but since it was just me I figured I’d do something quick and fun! I took garlic, olive oil, spinach, and cherry tomatoes, sauteed them until the spinach wilted, and added two French Onion Laughing Cow cheese wedges and let them melt into the spinach. I spread that on top of a nice hearty piece of wheat toast and throw two eggs (cooked over-hard) on top. Simple, qiuck, delicious. I also whipped up a quick little pomegranete spritzer – just Pom juice and some Polar Bear Pomegranate Seltzer – just for funsies!

eggs for dinner

Now, I plan to snuggle up on the couch with my baby Quincy watching My Grandmother’s Ravioli with Mo Rocca on the Cooking Channel. I just need to stay awake for Top Chef tonight!!

I’m not going to lie – I’ll probably munch on a handful of my dark chocolate and pumpkin seed trail mix I picked up at the trail mix bar at Wegmans last week, but you guys don’t need to see that!! Happy Hump Day!


Yoga, Celebrations, and Go-To Breakfasts

Well hey there!

I hope you’re doing well!

You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve officially started to do yoga EVERY weekday morning – even if it’s just for 10 minutes (which, at this point in time, it usually is). It’s tough for me to drag myself out of bed before 6:00 am but I’ve been managing and I’m super proud of myself! (CELEBRATE!! WOOOOOT!!) I’ve been trying to vary my routine a little bit but it usually starts off with some sun salutations and maybe a quick warrior sequence and extended side angles. I love a good stretch in the morning, and extended side angle is a great one. I’m getting comfortable enough to bind it lately, too. A few months ago I would have been like “heeeeeeeeeeelllllll nooooooo“. For all my non-yogis out there, here’s what they look like (courtesy of fitsugar.com)…

extended side angle

bound side angle

I’ve even been trying to throw in some yoga midday on my lunch breaks at work! (YOGA ALL THE TIME!!! CELEBRATE!! WOOOT!!) Here’s a silly picture Johnny took of me on lunch this week fiddling around with dancer pose. It’s not a pose I do regularly in class, but it’s definitely a pose I’m practicing more at home…and on lunch! 🙂


I spent part of my weekend in New Jersey for my friend Sue’s baby shower and it was a delightful time. (CELEBRATE!!! BABY!!! WOOOOTT!!)

Have you ever played the game at a baby shower where you have to guess which candy bar is melted inside of a diaper before? I hadn’t until this weekend…and I rocked it. Still not sure whether I should be happy or sad about that – haha – but either way I won an adorable little teapot for being the only person at the shower to guess them all right (CELEBRATE TEAPOT VICTORY!!)

Here’s a photo we took of my sister-in-law Melinda, the mommy-to-be, me, and my Mother-in-Law. We’re so adorable.

ladies at the shower

Anywho, besides yoga I’ve been cooking – of course. I’m starting to go through a breakfast rotation every week. I’m cool with it, it makes life easier and I’m not eating the same thing EVERY day. It does make posting new recipes a little tougher, though.  Here are a few no-recipe-recipes for some of my go-tos lately.

Peanut Butter + Frozen Berries Warmed in the Microwave + Wegmans Organic Multigrain Waffles


Oats + Skim Milk + Banana + Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips


Skim Milk + Frozen Berries + 1/2 Banana + Chocolate Protein Powder + Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal


Of course I’ve already shared with you my peanut butter greek yogurt, but that’s pretty standard in my breakfast rotation, too.

What are your go-to breakfasts? What’s your favorite in particular?! I’d love to hear what other folks eat to energize their mornings!!