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Friday Favorites!!

Hey dudes!! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and that you’re all looking forward to a fun and relaxing Memorial Day(my birthday) Weekend!! I, personally, cannot WAIT for the weekend. There will be pizza. There will be X-Men.  AND obviouslyyyyyy there will be my birthday celebration!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe or anything fun. I imagine it may be that way for a while with baby 20 days away!!! (20 EFFING DAYS!!! THIS IS INSANITY!!!) So I decided today I would at least share something fun with ya’ll. How about some Friday Favorites?!?! I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in ages, and as there are quite a few things I’m looking forward to trying, buying, and watching in the near future I decided to share them with you today!!!

Favorite Birthday Dinner: Shrimp Pad Thai!!!! Oh man, I effing love Shrimp Pad Thai. There are actually a few great Thai restaurants near me, and I pretty much only ever get to them for a girls day or on my birthday. Thai food is not the hubby’s favorite, as it’s a bit more expensive than your standard Chinese take out. I’ve still never tried to make my own Pad Thai because buying ingredients that I will be using for this singular dish always deters me. If I did, though, I would definitly try this recipe from Closet Cooking. It looks perfect!

Pad Thai
Favorite Cocktail I’m Counting Down the Days until I Can Enjoy Again: White Peach and Raspberry Sangria! This little number here is a recipe all my own and it’s seriously my favorite, favorite summertime beverage!! I use a combination of a crisp white like sauvignon blanc, peach vodka, and sparkling peach mango juice a la wegmans and I mix in a hefty portion of frozen peaches and frozen raspberries. That is my personal secret to making the besssssst sangria. Never water your sangria down with ice!! The frozen fruit keeps it icy cold and by the time you’re done drinking it the fruit is just thawed enough for you to enjoy!! NOMS!

Favorite Breakfast Recipe to Try As Soon As I Can Eat Runny Yolks Again: Jalapeno Bacon Corn Pancakes from We Are Not Martha. Now, I’ve pretty much been following We Are Not Martha since I started blogging back in college, and these ladies always have some AMAZING looking recipes!!! When I saw this, though, I basically died. There is absolutely nothing bad about this recipe. Fresh corn, bacon, jalapenos, and scallions mixed up into perfect little pancakes topped with a runny egg and pure maple syrup. How about pure perfection?? Yes. The only thing missing is cheese…which…I won’t lie…I’ll probably throw some cheddar in those pancakes. And devour them.


Favorite Tank I WILL Own Soon: This tank top, from Pretty Fit Athletics, literally made my LOL. MILF – Mom In Love with Fitness. Uh….yes please. I’ll take one in each color. This other tank from FitnFab Apparel  is definitely a front runner, too….because it’s true…I’d pretty much do anything for peanut butter.


Favorite Show I Cannot WAIT to Come Back: Now, I know it’s still Game of Thrones season, and don’t get me wrong man, I LOVE Game of Thrones, But…I loved True Blood first. And I will always love True Blood first. There was an episode on last night that I hunkered down and watched from last season and I must admit that I am terribly sad that this is the last season, and I am very excited to see how they decide to wrap things up. The show has definitely had some ups and downs, so I just really hope they do it justice and end it well. What would that mean for me…hmmm….well CERTAINLY not how the books ended. (Just sayin; – you disappointed me Charlene Harris) but I’m pretty positive since they’ve been straying from the books for so long now (and one scene in particular last season made it pretty clear the show runners have absolutely no intention of taking the show in that direction). For me…the BEST ending is not Sookie ending up with Alcide, who, clearly (see below) is an effing hottie. But no. Eric. Eric and Sookie belong together. And maybe they could try and do something to make Sookie a little more likable this season. I was always a Sookie Fan, but the last two seasons she has probably been my least favorite character.


Favorite Salad I Plan to Live On All Summer Long: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Mexican Salad. Dear Two Peas & Their Pod, Thank you for bringing this salad into existence. Words can’t quite express how much I adore the combination of every single thing in this salad…and I cannot wait to make giant batches of it and eat my weight in it. It’s salad…so that’s okay…right?

Favorite Book I Plan to Read All Summer Long: Although I haven’t picked it up yet, I know that I will be doing so shortly and I also know that I will probably read it from cover to cover at least twice over given the opportunity. I, personally, really enjoyed going through What to Expect When You’re Expecting throughout my pregnancy, and I think that What to Expect: The First Year will definitely be something that I, at the very least, enjoy reading. Gah. I’m so excited to meet my little muffin!!


Favorite Smoothie That Supports Healthy Lactation: I haven’t discussed it too much on here, but if all goes well with baby and such I have every intention to breastfeed. I’ve been reading up on a few things that help maintain an abundant milk supply and support healthy lactation in general. I’m pleased that oats and flax seeds are two ingredients encouraged for breastfeeding moms…because I eat them almost every day already!! This smoothie recipe I found at Whey Beyond the Naked Truth combines those two ingredients with coconut milk, coconut water, mango, and pineapple for a tropical smoothie that sounds delicioussssssssss and I can’t wait to try!!


And that’s all she wrote for today, folks!!! What are your big plans for the long weekend??!!