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Eating for Two: Week 37

37 Weeks PregnantHow far along: 37 weeks!!

Total weight gain/loss: Looks like I’m about 151 this week, so 33 pounds gained total.

Maternity clothes? I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I will be wearing the same 5 outfits to work every week until baby is born at this point.

Stretch marks? None as of yet, but I know there is still time.

Sleep: Sleep is still coming pretty well to me. When I wake up in the morning, though, my hands are like balloons. Okay…not quite balloons…but either way…quite puffy and achy.

Miss anything? Regular bowl movements? Is that TMI???? Ohhhhh welllllll!! We’re all friends here, right? I won’t go into too much detail, haha, but I’m not sure if it’s the iron supplement I’ve been taking or if it’s just the fact that I’m super pregnant, but either way, I’m looking forward to the return of regularity.

Movement: This little lady is going to be an athlete of some sort as she is always up to something.

Food cravings:  Chocolate. Milk.

Food aversions: Nope!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. Still “hiccurping” like a champion, though.

Best moment this week: Johnny and I got some maternity photos taken over the weekend and I juuuuust adore them!!! We brought Quincy with us and I’m pretty sure he was the star of the show, but I’m cool with it. I’ll share some with you soon!! I promised nursery photos first, which I will be sharing with you at the end of this post!!

Labor signs: Definitely a few more Braxton Hicks contractions. Nothing unusual otherwise.

Symptoms: My feet and ankles are quite puffy these days. I’m pretty much living in flip flops because I can slip them off at my desk. My hands are getting pretty puffy, too. And my joints – specifically my knuckles, wrists, and knees – are all kind of achy. Particularly right when I wake up in the morning. Oh bah. It’s irritating, but I know I could be much worse off, so I try to be thankful things aren’t worse than they are. 🙂

Belly Button in or out? In, but it’s definitely stretching to maximum capacity. (FYI: Biggest regret ever was getting my belly button pierced. I had it done when I was 16ish I think, and took it out when I was 21ish. The scar almost looks like a second belly button now annnnnnnnnnd I hate it.)

Wedding rings on or off? I’ve been taking them off to sleep lately because my hands are so puffy when I wake up that the rings are a little uncomfortable. After I shower though they fit back on. 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: It’s been a good week for me, but I still think it’s safe to say I’m moody lol.

Looking forward to: The long weekend…which also happens to be my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!! My birthday is on Monday. YAY!!! I’m 26 on the 26th this year AND it’s my last baby-free birthday. I’m looking forward to it being pretty low key this year and just spending the day with the hubs…perhaps with some Thai Food and Carrot Cake…as they are two of my most favorite things.

And now, as promised, some photos of the nursery!!!! I’m still working on getting storage for the cloth diapers on the changing table. And I will be removing the stuffed animals once baby girl arrives. I just don’t have a place for them all yet!!

DSCN0578 DSCN0579 DSCN0580 DSCN0581 DSCN0586

Thinking Out Loud Thursday


Heh – can you tell I’m excited? I decided that this week, since I didn’t cook anything new/noteworthy and I don’t have a recipe to share I would join in the fun Thinking out Loud party – brought to you by Amanda at Running with Spoons!! Here’s just a miscellaneous array of things that I’ve been thinking these days. And really, by “miscellaneous array of things” I think what I really meant to say was mushy, gooey, hormone-y things that have everything to do with baby. You have been warned! 

I’m sure a lot of married women think that they have the best husband ever, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I really think I win. No one is perfect, of course, but I am so effing happy that Johnny and I together (for 7 years this month!) and I am so effing happy that he has discovered that no matter what mood I am in or how crazy I’m feeling all he needs to do is rub my belly and I instantly feel better and I can’t believe that in 10 short weeks we’re going to be parents. And he’s going to rock.

me and the hubs

Also, some of ya’ll may think that you’ve got the best friends ever….but againnnn…and I hate to break it to you…I’m pretty sure I win there, too. My baby shower is a week from Saturday and I know that my beautifuuuul sister-in-law Melinda and my gorrrrrgeous bff Susan have been planning their faces off to make sure it’s perfect. My girl, Ashley, has been helping, too…and dealing with my crazy and accompanying me to farmers markets whenever I need it! I haven’t even had my shower yet and I’m already so grateful to have such a tremendous support system. Sometimes there really just aren’t words to show true love and appreciation. So instead, here’s an adorable photo we took over the weekend.

my galsAlthough I enjoy all of the time I spend with the hubs and my dear friends, I have really come to discover lately that I enjoy some solid “me” time, too. Of course I would really start to enjoy it right before my baby is born, but c’est la vie. I’ll take what I can get for now. Prior to my last doctor’s appointment, I dropped Johnny off at our friend’s place so they could get to work together, and I sat at Panera for an hour enjoying a breakfast powder sandwich (with spinach added to it, because spinach), some decaf english breakfast tea, and a nice book (has anyone else out there read all of the Southern Vampire Mysteries aka the “True Blood” books? I’ve read ALL of them and I’m currently reading one of the companion guides a friend lent me). There was definitely a time in my life where I wouldn’t be caught dead eating anywhere alone. I’m not sure when it happened, but now I feel like if I could start every morning this relaxed I totally would.


You know how I’ve mentioned before that I miiiiiiiiiight have a small problem when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter?? Well over the weekend, we grabbed some frozen yogurt, annnnnnnd this problem really came to a head!! Usually when I get froyo I’m all “yay yay healthy treat” and I’ll get a tiny plop of strawberry and a tiny plop of cheesecake flavor and I’ll cover it in fresh fruit and graham cracker crumbles. Not this time. This time my problem reared its ugly head… and I had half a cup filled with chocolate and peanut butter flavored froyo… and topped with peanut butter chips, peanut butter cups, peanut m&ms, and drizzled it with peanut butter…and it was perfect.

Finally, I’m just soooo excited to get the nursery together. We have all of the furniture sitting in the garage waiting to be put together. Johnny is just about done painting it, too. Here’s a little sneak peak.
Yuppers! It’s baby blue for my baby girl. Some folks are all like “but bluuuue is for booooysssss” annnnnnnnnd I want to kick them in the shin.  I, personally, think that this particular shade of blue is just so perfect and pretty and feminine without being too over the top girly and, most importantly, it’s relaxing. Also,  I plan on decorating the nursery with lots of white and subtle baby pink. The bedding we registered for looks like this:


aaaaaand all of the furniture is a pretty espresso colored wood. I’m going crazy waiting to see what it all looks like put together…with a baby in it. Lol. Now I have my fingers crossed, of course, that Miss Emma Grace is going to love to sleep as much as her parents do, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I think that just about covers everything for today, folks. I’ll be back next week!!!