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WIAW – The Baby Shower Edition!!

Hello, friends!! I hope you’re all spectacular!! I’m so thrilled it’s Wednesday!! It’s been a very busy few weeks, and in lieu of a traditional day of my What I Ate Wednesday eats (thanks, as always, to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting) I’m finally sharing some photos from my absolutely AMAZING baby shower!!


I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better shower or two better ladies to put so much time and effort into making everything perfect!! The “theme” was books and brunch, and though I had a say in that, they took the theme and ran with it, and I know that I couldn’t have done it better myself!! Here I am with the two hostesses and two of my best friends/family on the planet, Susan and Melinda!!
The hostesses and I

I made sure Johnny stayed for a few photos before he and all of the gentleman made their way to Troegs Brewery for an afternoon of beer and boy time. Here we are with both of our Mamas and Melinda!
Me, the hubs, the Grandmas-to-be, and the almost Aunt!

The cake was enormous and absolute perfection!! Annnnnd was all of my favorite flavors. Carrot cake on the bottom, lemon cake with raspberry filling in the middle, and red velvet cake on top! (The red velvet was a surprise from my super thoughtful, wonderful baker of choice – Wendi – from Sweet Treats Cake Boutique in Mechanicsburg. She did our wedding cake, and our gender reveal cupcakes, and will probably be making any cake I need in the future, forever. Lol.) There was an adorable quote from Charlotte’s Web on the bottom, which was one of my favorite books AND movies growing up. 😀
The glorious cake!

Here I am with my poppa bear and Emma’s (or “Gracie” as my dad has decided to refer to her) future Pappy!
Me & Granpa-to-Be

The ladies set up a onsie station for guests to make a onsie for Emma. I must say, there were some cute ones!! (And Nicole, if you’re reading this, when I showed Johnny the Yankees onsie you made he was like “I’m going to burn that.” What’d I tell ya!!)
Make Emma a Onsie!

I’m super spoiled and I got to pick out all of the tea!! Some of my favorites that I included are a Decaf Ginger Peach and Decaf Chai, Blackberry Sage, Peachy Green, English Breakfast, and Lady Gray! Melinda and Susan also decorated the shower with adorable, framed prints with quotes from some of my favorite books AND I got to keep them all to decorate the nursery with!!
Tea Station!

I wish I snapped a photo of the yogurt bar sooner – but everyone loved it!! Myself included. I, personally, had a huge bowl of yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, walnuts, annnnnnnd chocolate chips. I also neglected to snap a picture of the WAFFLE BAR!!! To which I returned more than once to snag a little waffle with some nutella, and peanut butter, and more berries, and whipped cream. It was perfect.
yogurt bar!

I drank chocolate milk out of little pink champagne flutes and couldn’t’ have been happier. I should also note that, unpictured, there were chocolate chip and blueberry mini muffins, banana bread, oat bars (all made by Susan and Melinda) – as well as doughnuts, a huge fruit platter, and a huge veggie and hummus platter. Susan even made a quiche recipe some of you might be familiar with – my bacon, broccoli, cheddar quiche!! There was so much delicious food and I know that everyone loved it!!
Other beverages

After going through the pictures taken while I was opening gifts, I’ve realized just how ridiculous my face is when I’m excited. Haha. I love it. I’m so thankful for all of the gifts we received, but I certainly wasn’t going to bore you all with a million pictures of me opening gifts, so here are a few with some awesome reactions!!

An owl hat, from my momma!
owl hat!

My momma also surprised me with one of my favorite stuffed animals and my baby blanket!! I didn’t even know she still had them!!

This ADORABLE outfit came from our friend, Emily!

This one is just of Susan being her gorgeous self.
Susan being gorgeous

Melinda was particularly excited for this gift basket from my Aunt Rickie.
Melinda and a giant gift basket

Here is a photo of ALL of the beautiful, thoughtful, spectacular ladies who made it out to my shower!! I still can’t thank everyone enough for such a perfect day!!
All of the beautiful ladies!

And here’s a bump shot!! My belly is getting SO big and I swear I’ve got a little acrobat on my hands!!

To all my fellow preggos out there, did you guys have your baby shower yet??
Did it have a super cool theme??