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The Perfectly Sunny Morning Breakfast

Okay, so if the weather by you is the same as the weather by me, you woke up to a rainy morning. *sigh* I’m getting pretty sick of it all. Rain is only good for soup. But the current rain isn’t soup rain, it’s been icky hot and humid rain. (I won’t lie, though, I did get soup at Panera for lunch today and I felt a weeeeeeeeee bit better about the weather. It was air conditioned in there…so soup was appropriate… and Chicken Tortilla Soup does wonders for my mood! Moving on!)

Yesterday morning was GORGEOUS!!! I spent the first two hours of my day sitting outside eating breakfast with Melinda (my future sister-in-law) while watching the puppies play and bask in the sun. When Johnny finally decided to roll out of bed I put on some coffee and he came outside and enjoyed the sun with us. It was as close to the perfect morning I’ve had in quite a while.

What do you have for breakfast when the sun is shining and you’re feeling nothing but happiness? Blueberry Pancakes. Duh.

There is technically no real recipe for these guys. I simply took store bought pancake mix and followed the directions on the box. I spruced it up by replacing 1/4 cup of  the mix with wheat germ for some nuttiness and to boost the fiber. I also used nonfat greek yogurt AND nonfat milk for some tang.

In my personal opinion, if a sunny morning had a flavor it would taste like fresh lemons.

What do you think a sunny morning would taste like?

Rather than top my pancakes with the traditional maple syrup , I used some sweet and zippy lemon curd. And just for fun, I added some more fresh blueberries. I just can’t get enough of them! The combination of the blueberries and the lemon curd was absolute perfection! 🙂