It is a sad truth that the majority of individuals will merely begin caring about Instagram safety when there occurs an IG hack.

How Can You Know Whether Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked?

If someone who should never have an access to your account all of a sudden gets an access, then there are many things that will make you aware of it.

Suddenly you start to follow many people you are not familiar with and also like their photographs.

You will find pictures in your own accounts that you know aren’t yours.

You do not have access to your accounts and you’re 100% convinced that you are using the proper password and it is not a technical glitch.

What To Do If Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked?

No worries — it is not the end of the planet (although losing your accounts, even if only temporary, isn’t a fantastic feeling).

In case you still have access to the account, be certain that you change your password instantly.  Change the password of the rest of the reports that you use this password, also.  Heck, better: Simply change all your passwords.

If you do not have access to your accounts anymore you need to get in touch with Instagram as quickly as possible and begin their process for hacked account.