Eating for Two: The Home Stretch

Hey folks!! Happy Wednesday!!

I’m still alive, still here, and still VERY pregnant!

It’s been a busy time, man!! Although I adore blogging… it just hasn’t been a priority these days. Particularly because I usually blog … ya know … new recipes or workouts or things of that nature. And, to be honest, making new things and doing new workouts haven’t really been priorities either.  I’m still cooking and still working out, of course, but it’s just easier these days to eat the same things I always do and pop in a yoga DVD so I don’t need to think about it or worry about it too much when I’ve still got cloth diapers that need to be washed and a hospital bag that’s almost-but-not-quite together (I know…I’m due next Thursday…it should be done by now…I live on the edge).

Regardless, I know that I wanted to share with my loverly readers (yes, that’s you) some of the fabulous photos Johnny and I had taken at 36 weeks (I will officially by 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow. WTF mate?!)!! My amazing friend Ashely’s awesome friend Lindsay was kind enough to take these for us and I love, love, love them so, so, much!!! I hope you guys enjoy!! These are just a few, but they’re my favorites!! We’ll see if I can squeeze in another bumpdate before I squeeze out this baby, too.

I’m still linking up with Jenn this week for What I Ate Wednesday. So far, as today is Wednesday, I’ve eaten a banana oat muffin, some decaf english breakfast tea, and a banana with some peanut butter. Exciting stuff, right??? That’s why I’m sharing THESE photos and not THOSE photos. XX/OO!!

me and my belly


belly kisses belly glasses family belly heart quincy hubs and I belly and the boys




  1. Marjorie @APinchOfHealth

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these photos! You are too cute. What a beautiful family. I keep wondering when I am going to click over to your blog and see the newborn pics. Love and prayers for a safe and fast delivery. XO

  2. jessielovestorun

    In love with every single photo. I’ll be honest, I kind of though you went into labor as you’ve been absent. So wonderful to hear all is well 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    Awe, thank you ladies!!! I have a few days off work before baby is due so I hope to get a few posts ready to go so that I don’t disappear for tooooooo long…that is, of course, if she doesn’t decided to pop out early!! I feel like a ticking time bomb lol.

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